Authors: Alexandra Păsăreanu, Carmen Mincea, Elena Hera

Abstract: Melia azedarach extracts used as insecticide are relatively of recent date procedure, the azadiractinate biological action being discovered in 1993. This study presents some aspects of toxicological action of Melia azedarach vegetal extracts on different harmful organisms, such as Hyphantria cunea and Leptinotarsa decemlineata. In the assesment of the bioinsecticide toxicity, the main step is to establish the reverse or not changings(lack of modification)of skin and eye irritabiliy caused by the bioinsecticide contact. Based on the results obtained by bioinsecticide toxicological tests of Melia azedarachextracts we conclude that:

  • (1) all three bioinsecticide of Melia extracts show to have low toxicity effect on Wistar white rat, LD50 is higher than 5000 mga.i./kg body weight and
  • (2) all three show a very low irritable effect on skin and eye (0 - 1 on Draize et al. scale).


Key words: Melia azedarach, vegetal extracts

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